Death of a lawyer "at risk"

Now the Palermo penalties are afraid. They are so afraid that the lawyer Nino Lo Presti has advised everyone to request the port of arms for personal defense. A legitimate fear after the brutal murder of his friend and colleague Enzo Fragala, who was massacred in prison on the evening of Tuesday 23 February and died after three days of agony: an unprecedented event in the island's capital; disturbing. As well as disturbing, in November 1995, the murder of Serafino Famà, the criminal murdered by the mafia in Catania, the birthplace of Fragalà, turned out.

He was 61 years old, Enzo Fragalà, always divided between toga, politics and university teaching; he was married to Silvana Friscia, daughter of a Carabinieri general, and father of two sons, Marzia and Massimiliano, both lawyers. On the evening of 23 February a man waited for him in via Turrisi Colonna, crouched near his law firm, a stone's throw from the Court, and attacked him with a bar repeatedly hitting him and other parts of his body, then , at the arrival of some witnesses, he moved away to an adjacent road where probably a complicit was waiting in motion, bringing with him the murder weapon. Three witnesses, two young women and an old woman, described a man about six feet tall, strong, athletic, wearing a full-length black helmet and a jacket of the same color.
"I can not understand the gesture:

it seems like a punishment, but he did not deserve this punishment," said the wife of Fragalà the day after the attack, when the lawyer was still suspended between life and death. Prosecutor and carabinieri privilege the professional motive – the "revenge" of a disgruntled customer – but do not rule out the possibility that it may be a crime of disguised mafia to disdain and not create clamor. The first suspect, then acquitted, was a former witness of the criminal; the second is instead a small village hamlet linked to the bosses of Porta Nuova, the mafia mandate that includes the crime scene.
Before going into the hypotheses that could have armed the murderer's hand, let's try to reconstruct who he was, who Enzo Fragala was.

The carreer
At the beginning was the Fuan, the association of university students emanating the MSI which Fragalà joined when he enrolled in law and, in a short time, he became president. After graduation, the Fuan was replaced by the party of Almirante, current national right, led by Pino Romualdi, and soon became a municipal councilor. The election coincided with the beginning of a brilliant career as a criminal lawyer, but also with the first steps of assistant of Giuseppe Tricoli (exponent of the Sicilian Msi) to the chair of Contemporary History at the Faculty of Political Sciences of the University of Palermo. During the first maxi-trial to what ours was among the lawyers of the mafia, but has never defended bosses of the first magnitude.

In '94 comes the big opportunity: the unveiling of Tangentopoli and Mafiopoli has dismantled the old parties, the "new advancing" has the "plastic smile" of Silvio Berlusconi, the organizing network of Publitalia by Marcello Dell'Utri and Gianfranco Micciché, the penetration and persuasion of the Fininvest television networks, the consent of the mafia (in Palermo, the Forza Italia flags waved from the boss's balconies, recount the chronicles of the time); Enzo Fragalà, in quota to An, is a candidate and elected to the Chamber, where he joins the

committee for prosecution proceedings, the justice commission and the bicameral commission of inquiry into terrorism and massacres. Reelected in '96 (the year of 61 to 0), is confirmed in the commission Stragi, from the justice commission to the Constitutional Affairs and is also a member of the special committee of the Chamber aimed at examining the draft laws to prevent corruption. In 2001 the third election arrives: he returns to the justice commission, where he is the leader of An as in the newly appointed commission of inquiry on the Mitrokhin dossier; he also returns to the prosecution committee. In 2006 he was not re-nominated and the following year he returned to the City Council.
From the parliamentary offices, it is clear that Fragalà was not one of the many peons that crowd the Chamber; from his activity, then, emerges with enormous clarity: dozens of bills presented and, in the commission Stragi, eleven minority relations: a true workaholic. Known for his "guarantee" positions in terms of justice, during the three parliamentary mandates he publicly distinguished himself for the ongoing controversy with the Palermo Public Prosecutor, at the time ruled by Gian Carlo Caselli, on the use of so-called pentiti: memorable clash over Balduccio Di Maggio, the man of the kiss between Riina and Andreotti, returned to Sicily in the mid 90s to settle the counts with his enemies with revolver shots.

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