Obligation preventive written lawyer: which items of expenditure and what guarantees

The legal advocate template responds to a fairly fixed pattern (to be customized with the variables related to the type of cause); thus understood the obligation for lawyers could be reduced to a mere formality. But a good lawyer makes sure that the estimate is a useful guidance document for the customer in different profiles, not just economic. Let’s see why and how.

Having a detailed estimate of the individual items of expenditure allows even those who are not experts in legal matters to understand what they are paying. In addition to the lawyer’s law in the strict sense, the invoice of the law firm includes : the documented costs of the procedure (registration in the role, notifications, technical advice, transfers, domiciliation costs, postal charges, costs of reviews, stationery fees, registration fees, etc.), professional fees agreed, flat-rate reimbursement of other general expenses (normally calculated around 15% of the professional remuneration), forensic pension fund (4%) VAT at 22% of the taxable amount.

But a clear and transparent legal quote does not simply list the costs to be sustained aseptically. This document is also a position taken by both parties regarding their respective obligations: that of the professional to make the client participate in developments that can complicate the case and, consequently, increase the fee required for the defense, and that of the assisted to pay the punctual and timely payment regardless of the judicial liquidation of the sentence of the other party to the costs.

In the case of law firms with several associates, it is a good idea to insert a clause that authorizes the professional to delegate for the performance of certain activities related to defense, third-party collaborators or substitutes who work under his responsibility.

But beyond the written estimate, a good lawyer is a professional who finds the time and is available to resolve any doubt of customers or potential such by setting the report on maximum transparency.

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